Not American Top 40 #048 – Complicated Compact Disc Compilations

DJ Scummy B celebrates the lowly CD compilation. From discounted label samplers and radio promos to genre-defining collections, beginning in the 90s CD compilations became a cheap way to get a pile of tracks to voracious listeners. Featuring: Army of Lovers, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Johnny Violent, Omar Santana, Love 666, Chrome, Soundgarden, Excelsior, Guilt, Rise Against, Devin Townsend, OLD, Amorphis, Eyehategod, Diabolos Rising, Cianide, Loudblast, Believer.

Not American Top 40 #047 – Not the Beattles

The station’s new AI filter keeps DJs in line and on-format, preventing DJ Scummy B from playing anything actually Top 40, systematically replacing his attempts to play Beatles songs with AI generated facsimiles. The following managed to get through the filter: The Rutles, Beatallica, Melvins, Quorthon, Type O Negative, Soundgarden, Sonic Youth, Helloween, Lord Master, Love Tractor, MrDougDoug, Mukqs, Spinal Tap, Brujeria, Das DAmen, Public Service Broadcasting, Tõnu Naissoo.

Not American Top 40 #045

This is the 45th edition of Not American Top 40, and we’re unsure of the significance, though we acknowledge a lost opportunity. Tune in to hear music themed to the number 45 is all its glory. Tune in to hear Stars on 45, Hooked on Classics, The Ex, Pain Teens, The Olsen Twins and Neu! amongst many other discordant discos.

Not American Top 40 #044 – Live and on the Edge

DJ Scummy B returns to the Freeform Portland studios only to discover he has no bloody idea what the Sam Hell he’s doing. But he’s live and on the edge, or Livin’ on the Edge, like Aerosmith in 1994, but without any Aerosmith. But he’s got some old school hardcore punk from the likes of Naked Raygun, Hüsker Dü and MDC, along with new tracks from Godflesh, Bush Tetras, Puzzle Teeth, Ceramic Dog, y más.

Not American Top 40 #041 – Some Things From Spain

DJ Scummy B went to Spain and all he got was all these records, including industrial/EBM direct from the Libertine Records shop in Barcelona, and 80s Spanish electronic music reissues. Featuring Aviador Bro, TodoTodo, Techno Animal, Steve Marie, Druum & Melatro, Neu Verboten, The The and adult.

Not American Top 40 #040 – An Uninvited Guest

An uninvited guest forces his way onto the show, unintentionally summoned by the dark magick of the number 40. In between Supertramp and Abba, DJ Scummy B still manages to squeeze in plenty of jazz fusion, post-punk, thrash metal and Negativland.

Also featuring: Spongecakeman, CDr, Deodato, Wes Montgomery, Freddie Hubbard, Iguana Death Cult, Fat Fox Fanclub, Killing Joke, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Shadows, Kvelertak, Legion of the Damned, Serge Gainsbourg